How to load


Many hunters have gone over to the black powder or muzzleloader guns and have been enjoying hunting with them for the last several years. Many prefer these types of guns to the newer ones. The first thing to do is to make sure it is clean and has no oil left from the last time you cleaned it. Here are a few basics on loading your gun.

  • If it is brand new remove the heavy lube inside the barrel
  • Make sure the ignition system is clean
  • Make sure there is no nipple on it (percussion)
  • Make sure there is no priming powder in the pan.
  • Stand the rifle upright, set your powder charge, and pour into the measure.
  • Pour powder into the rifle barrel; tap it to settle the powder
  • Put your patch centered on the end of your barrel, lay your round ball on it, and then make sure if it has a sprue, it is centered and faces upwards.
  • Use your bullet starter and start your bullet push it into the bore as far as it will go
  • Now ram the projectile down until it comes in contact with the powder charge
  • Set it firm but do not pound on it and then seat the bullet. Do not shoot it unless it is seated firmly against the powder charge.
  • If in doubt whether you have a tight fit in the bore you should turn over your loaded but unprimed rifle and tap the muzzle-hard- a few times on a piece of wood. Then check with your ramrod and see if it matches your mark. If it does, you have a good tight load.

Always follow your manufacturer’s directions for the type of gun you have. If you bought it used and they do not have any directions, then ask a certified gunsmith for directions on how to load yours. Happy Hunting!