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Black Powder guns have been used for many years. From loading cannons to firearms, black powder was the number one way to shoot something. Loading guns from the muzzle makes it more accurate for long-range shots. They never called it black powder before 1890. It was referred to as gun powder or powder. When the white powder was invented then they had to change the name to tell the difference between the two.

History tells us the first mechanical firearms were invented in 1411. There were seven systems developed.

  • Matchlock
  • Wheellock
  • Snaphaunce
  • Miquelet
  • Flintlock
  • percussion caplock
  • in-line percussion caplock

You can learn all about the history of black powder guns and muzzleloaders from many sites including this one. They will tell you how they were made, what kind of powder to use, and even some of the sites will tell you how to make your own from a kit. You can have a lot of fun making your own.